Two sales!

When I started making bowls and sharing pictures of them on Facebook, several friends and family members asked me if I was going to start selling them. The thought had occurred to me, but it took the questions and requests to push me into actually doing it.

Bowl #17 (4)

My first sale was this natural edge flowering crab bowl, to a former co-worker. This bowl–#17, was my third natural edge bowl. The wood was rescued from the curbside in our neighborhood during the annual spring cleanup week. It was freshly cut, so the wood was very wet. After turning and sanding, I dried it by microwaving it. (People are surprised that it works, but the process is straightforward: Weigh the bowl to establish a starting weight, then microwave for 45-60 seconds. This heats the water all the way through the wood, and helps force the water out of the interior. Allow the bowl to cool for about an hour, then weigh it again–it should be lighter. Then reheat. Keep repeating the cycle until the weights stop changing. This one took several cycles to dry.)

I was pleased with the color and grain on this, and have been keeping my eyes open for more flowering crab. Thank you to Shyla and Josh for being my first sale!

Bowl #21 (6)

My second sale–and my first from my Etsy store–was this small juniper natural-edge bowl (#21). Again, the wood was rescued from the curbside in the neighborhood. Juniper is a surprisingly light wood, so I thought I should make this bowl thin. The shape of the outside of this piece gives it a winged appearance. I shipped this one yesterday, and I hope that Michol enjoys it!

Now I need to make more bowls! Too many pieces of wood, not enough time!

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