Natural edge flowering crab bowl finished

This spring, during what the city calls “Spring Clean Up Week,” but everyone else calls “dump week,” I rescued a couple of logs from a flowering crab tree from the curbside. The tree had just been cut down, so the wood was extremely wet. Paul Hedman (president of the Minn-Dak Woodturners Association) told me that flowering crab tends to check badly as it dries, rendering a log unsuitable for turning, and that the checking begins almost immediately after it is cut.

So I cut the logs into slabs and as quickly as I could, turned them into bowls. Most of the scraps left over went into the woodpile, to be burned in our patio fire pit. (We learned the hard way that one should not burn flowering crab in a woodstove; that’s a long and ugly story.) However, I had one smaller, thinner piece left that I thought might make a nice bowl, so I had set that aside and promptly forgot about it.

When I found it again, to my surprise, there was no checking visible, so I sawed it into a blank, chucked it up, and voila! Bowl #30, 6 1/4 inches long, 5 1/4 inches wide, 1 3/4 inches high.

Bowl #30 (7) - Copy

That “claw” over on the right side is where a branch was growing out of the trunk. That got knocked out in the turning process.

Here’s a shot showing the inside of the bowl.

Bowl #30 (9) - Copy

 This bowl is available via my Etsy shop.

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