“Sister” bowls, but with a twist

I had a slice of green ash about six inches wide and 14 or so inches long, so I cut it into two squares and then turned a pair of simple bowls from them. One has just my standard Danish oil finish, but the second one developed a crack, so I decided to experiment a bit with it. I gave it a wash with some diluted fountain pen ink (Noodler’s Ink Bernanke Blue, in case you’re wondering), and then Danish oil. The difference is striking.

Here’s the un-tinted bowl.

(By the way, I love the swirl of the grain in this one.)

And here’s the tinted bowl.

The effect wasn’t what I expected. If you look closely you can see some of the blue, in the pores especially. But the overall effect is to mute the gold tones of the un-tinted wood.

I’ll have to experiment some more, perhaps with a less dilute ink wash, or with a finish like wipe-on polyurethane, which doesn’t effect the color as much as Danish oil.

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