It’s not Manic Monday, but here are the Bangles

I’ve been turning for a bit over two years now, and have ended up with various scraps of wood that are too small for bowls, but too good to toss into the fire. What to do?

Make some jewelry. Bangle bracelets, to be specific. Here are the first three.


As with anything, it’s been a learning process. With the first one (American elm crotch, on the left), my main objective was to get it close to the right size for my wife. She doesn’t own many bangle bracelets because she has a hard time finding any that fit her well; most are too small. I was shooting for about 70 millimeters on that one, and came pretty close. It fits well, but I wanted to make one a bit wider.

That led to attempt number two (green ash crotch, on the left). I liked the width of it, but it seems visually “heavy.” And I got a bit sloppy with the sizing, and this one is just a bit too big.

By the time I got to number three (American elm, center), I was getting more comfortable with the whole process, and I added a refinement: a sizing gauge. This was just a wood disk that I turned to be 69 millimeters diameter. Then when I was shaving down the inside of the bracelet, I was shooting for a hole that my gauge disk just barely fit into. So on that one, I feel like I got the size, the width, and the overall profile about where I like it. More importantly, I got it where my wife likes it.

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