Oak burl bowls

A friend of mine is the director of a Bible camp in west-central Minnesota, and I volunteered to help out with their spring cleanup this year. Since I own a chainsaw, you can guess what duty I was assigned to: clearing brush and cutting down some dead and diseased trees. Which ended up being a good thing, when I found three burls on a mostly dead oak tree. This was going to be fun!

Bowl #145 (18)

When my daughter saw the first bowl I made from these burls, her immediate comment was “I am Groot.” I hadn’t actually seen those two voids and the horizontal line below them as a face, but now I can’t help but see it. 8 inches at the widest point, 5 inches high.

The next two came from a single, larger burl that also had a few large suckers growing out of it, which ended up becoming part of the rim on both bowls.

Bowl #157 (12)

This one is about 8 1/2 inches in diameter at its widest point, and about 5 3/4 inches high.

Bowl #158 (11)

This one is smaller, at 7 inches at the widest point, and 4 3/4 inches high.

I left them all fairly thick to show of the texture and character of the bark, and they are finished with teak oil.

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