Chokecherry rocker

Chokecherry rocker

I mentioned a few days ago that chokecherry was a joy to turn. This is what I was working on: just a little natural edge bowl with a round bottom hence the “rocker” name. (Bowls like this are sometimes called “banana” bowls.)

5 1/4″ long, 3 1/2″ wide, and 1 3/4″ high. Danish oil finish.

Bowl #92 (2) (1024x575)

Bear paw (Chokecherry root)

Last summer, a severe wind storm hit the Pick City, ND region, where my brother-in-law’s family has a lake cabin, and a small chokecherry tree (prunus virginiana) on their property snapped off. My BIL and nephew yanked the root out with a pickup, and before they could throw it in the firepit, I said “I can make something from that.” And I did.
Almost everyone who’s seen it so far has said it looks like a bear paw.

I added some pyrography on the edge. 8″, Danish oil finish.