Bowls #1 & 2

These are the first two bowls I completed–albeit¬†not the first I attempted. That one is what is called a “learning experience.”


I made these from a chunk of basswood I had been saving for “something” for a couple of decades. When I brought home the lathe, I said to myself “This is it.”¬†

I brought these to the MinnDak Woodturners Association meeting for Show and Tell, and Paul Hedman (the club president and a gifted turner) said “I don’t like working with basswood; it’s great for carving but I don’t like how it turns.” Of course, that would be what I’d pick for my first attempts.


Here’s a closer look at #2. I was pleased that I managed to get this one as thin as it is.


I can’t recall when I first became aware of woodturning, but I have long been fascinated by it. The idea of taking a block of wood, spinning it in a lathe, and peeling off a stream of chips to reveal something beautiful–a candlestick, a chair leg, a baluster, a bowl–strikes me as being a little bit of magic.

But I have never had an opportunity to learn, until recently I learned that a friend was a woodturner. He introduced me to the MinnDak Woodturners Association. I became a member, and the club has allowed me to “borrow” one of the club’s lathes, plus a set of tools.

And so it begins: The Education of a Woodturner.